Silent Auction Gift Basket Assembly – April 17th

moviebasketHey there Middle and High School Youth!

Join us on April 17th @ 6pm to assemble themed gift baskets for the silent auction on May 1st. Please bring supplies for at least one themed basket. If you need some ideas, either ask Ashleigh, Pr. Phil, or take a look at the list below.

Hope to see you there!

If any church members would like to donate a themed basket, please bring them to the church office by April 25th. Thanks!! 🙂

Some theme basket ideas:

1. Ice Cream Basket – toppings, sundae dishes, waffle bowls and cones, sprinkles, ice cream scoop, cherries, Culver’s gift certificate
2. Art Basket – crayons, paints, construction paper, play dough, colored pencils, sidewalk chalk, paint brushes, finger paints, finger paint paper, glitter, markers, scissors, stickers
3. Movie Night – candy, microwave popcorn, movie gift certificate/ passes, blockbuster/video card, popcorn bowls
4. Coffee & Tea Basket – flavored coffees, coffee mugs, creamers, carafe, flavored teas, tea strainer, creamers, biscotti
5. Beach Bag – suntan lotion, blanket, towels, beach chairs, sand pails/ shovels, beach ball, underwater camera
6. Game Night – family game- Go Fish, Uno, Crazy Eights, regular deck of cards, Old Maids, carrying storage tote
7. Chocolate Lover’s Basket – hot cocoa, different chocolates, truffles, chocolate cookbook
8. Spa Basket – soaps, bath salts, loofa, sponge, pumice stone, candles, bubble bath, lotion, eye mask, bath pillow, massage oil
9. Travel Basket – travel games, crossword puzzles, maps, atlas, CDS, travel diary, snacks, water, cooler, magna doodle, CD headset, portable DVD player
10. Grilling Basket – grilling tools, grilling mitt/pad, grilling spices, marinades, grilling vegetable basket, meat thermometer, apron, skewers
11. I Love Books Basket – favorite children’s books, book characters, book marks, gift certificate to Barnes & Noble
12. Fishing Tackle Box – tackle box, fishing line, bobbers, lures, fishing weights, fishing net, Swedish fish
13. Wine & Cheese Basket – wine gift certificates, cheese tray/platter, wine glasses, corkscrew, wine topper, wine guide, wine vacuum, wine charms, decanter, napkins, different cheeses
14. Martini Basket – martini glasses, gift certificate for martini mixes, olives, olive picks, shaker, napkins, plates, cocktail book
15. Party Baskets (1—Spiderman and 1—Dora)
tablecloth, plates, napkins, silverware, piñata, disposable camera, balloons, decorations, gift certificate for DQ or bakery cake, gift bags
16. Scrapbooking Basket – paper, photo splits, corner rounders, ribbon, embellishments,
embellishment tools, photo organizing case, album, pages, page protectors, pens, stickers, scissors
17. Cleaning Products Basket/Bucket (2 baskets) – glass cleaner, furniture polish, kitchen cleaner, cleanser, dusting mitt, tile/bath cleaner, rubber gloves, sponge, toilet bowl cleaner, disinfecting wipes, floor cleaner, bucket, mop
18. Gardening Basket – gardening gloves, shovel/tools, watering can, kneeling pad, bug/insect spray, plant food, garden fertilizer, potting soil, hose sprayer, pots, seeds/bulbs
19. Car Kit – bucket, hose sprayer, tire/wheel brush, wheel whitener, tire wet, air freshener, car wash detergent, car wipes, window cleaner, upholstery cleaner, sponges, car mitt, shamee, car wash gift certificates, oil change gift certificates, gas card
20. Italian Basket – pastas, red sauce, alfredo sauce, pesto, olive oil, bread, cookbook, dipping oils, capers, wine, pasta bowls
21. Tailgating Basket – large wheeling cooler, mini-grill, beer, chairs, snacks, water, condiments, nurf football, radio, batteries
22. Princess/Dress-Up Basket – tiaras, shoes, gloves, boas, make-up, mirrors, jewelry, dresses
23. Picnic Basket – basket, plates, silverware, napkins, glasses, salt/pepper shakers, wine, cheese tray, cheese knife, corkscrew, tablecloth, blanket
24. Baking Basket – different chips/morsels, vanilla, sprinkles, frostings, baking powder, baking soda, cookie cutters, measuring cups, spoons, oven mitt, flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, oil, baking pans, apron
25. Stamping Basket – paper, cards, envelopes, stamp sets, stamp pads, stamp cleaner and pad, scissors, embossing powder, embossing gun, glue, pencils, pop-up tabs, markers/pens, ribbon, embellishments, beads
26. Dog Lover’s Basket
leash, collar, food dish, food/dish mat, bowls, toys, pillow/blanket, lint roller, brush/grooming tools, treats, shampoo, bones, sweater, food, poop scoop, pet frame/photo album, disposable camera
27. Cat Lover’s Basket – collar, toys, grooming tools, lint roller, food dishes, food mat, treats, cat food, litter, litter box, pet frame/photo album, disposable camera
28. Door County Basket – Cherries, wine, t-thirt or sweatshirt, magnet, guide book, gift
29. Breakfast Basket – pancake mix, waffle mix, preserves, syrup, coffee, creamer, mugs, wire whisk, omelet pan, mixing bowl, sugar and cinnamon, honey, oatmeal, coffee, creamer, juice
30. Camping Basket – camping dishes, pans, flashlights, matches, pudgy pie makers, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallow skewers, batteries, radio, cards, games, tent, and air mattress
31. Yoga/Pilates Basket – Pilates or yoga books, Pilates and yoga DVDs, yoga mat, yoga ball, yoga rubber bands, yoga wear, relaxing CD, tea, yoga class gift certificate
32. Aromatherapy Basket – candles, aromatherapy oils, diffuser, aromatherapy book, massage oil, sachet
33. Golf Basket – tees, golf glove, golf balls, golf shirt, certificate for a golf lesson, golf pass
34. Mexican Fiesta Basket – chips, salsa, margarita mix, margarita glasses, rim salt, tortilla holder, salsa/chip bowl, chili pepper towel, Mexican or chili pepper tablecloth, tequila
35. Fondue Basket – fondue pot, chocolate fountain, fondue plates, fondue cookbook, fondue forks, sturnos, napkins
36. Oriental Basket – Chopsticks, teapot, tea cups and saucers, fortune cookies, bowls, teas, noodles, spices, peanut oil, sesame oil, table linens, cookbook, gift certificate to restaurants
37. Beer Sampler Baskets (2 baskets) – beer glasses, bottle opener, different beer (world beers)
38. Lake Geneva Basket – Sweatshirt/t-shirt, boat ride tour gift certificate, Grand Geneva Spa Certificate, golf certificate39.
39. Packer Basket – Packer blanket, cheese head, sweatshirt, t-shirt, poster/picture, glasses, football, helmet
40. Date Night Basket – wine/champagne gift certificates, 2 glasses, nice restaurant gift certificate, hotel or bed & breakfast stay, truffles, gift certificate for flowers
41. Aveda Basket – Aveda products, Aveda spa gift certificate
42. Baby Basket/Diaper Bag – onsies, receiving blankets, pacifiers, bottles, bottle cleaner, wipes, diapers, diaper cream, burp rags, baby toys, grooming kit, safety set (i.e., outlet plugs, cabinet locks), sippy cups, books, booties, lullaby CD, Purell, baby lotion
43. Get Well Soon Basket – books/ magazines, crossword puzzle, mug, soup, juice tea/coffee, soup mixes, slippers, plant
44. Cards for All Occasions Basket – Card organizer, address book, pens, stamps, cards (i.e., thank you, sympathy, congratulations, new baby, happy birthday, seasonal, new home, retirement, wedding, anniversary, just because, encouragement, etc…)
45. Costume/Dress-Up Trunk – capes, dresses, shoes, ties, gloves, jewelry, costumes, hats, glasses, boas, accessories
46. Milwaukee Basket – Milwaukee beer, t-shirt/sweatshirts, glass, Milwaukee map,
Milwaukee event guide, Summerfest items, Brewery tour, restaurant gift certificate, casino items, Harley model, Milwaukee calendar
47. Harley Basket – Harley calendar, t-shirt/sweatshirts, models, photo frames, key
chain, mug/glasses, towel, blanket, framed picture, road atlas, decals
48. American Idol Basket – American Idol Game, Karaoke CD’s, Karaoke machine
49. Kenosha Basket – Kenosha t-shirt, Kenosha sweatshirt, Kenosha calendar, Kenosha framed art, restaurant gift certificate, Dairyland Dog Track Party with the Puppies
50. American Girl Basket – American Girl doll, Clothes/accessories
51. Field of Dreams Basket – Gardening Theme – Garden tools (adult & child), seeds, bulbs, kneeling pad, watering can, plant markers, gloves, decorative pots, garden tote, fertilizer spikes, gift certificates to Agway or a garden center.
52. Adrenaline Rush – Coffee/Tea Theme – Flavored coffees, mugs, different teas, flavored spoons, teabag holders, serving tray, tea or coffee, canister, carafe, cappuccino mix, coffee scoop, gift certificate to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, biscotti.
53. Pep Rally – Arts & Crafts/Paper Theme – Paints, brushes, markers, stamps & pads, clay, gift certificate to craft store, gel pens ,stickers, paper punches, scissors, beads, colored pencils, stencils, scrapbooking supplies, notepads,
54. Fútbol – Mexican Theme – Salsas, dips, terra cotta bowls, cumin spice, margarita mix, salt, margarita glasses, refried beans, chili peppers, flan mix, chip & dip bowl, plates or napkins with a fiesta theme, lime juice.
55. Indy 500 – Car Care Theme – Car wash supplies, armor all, car wax, car care cloths, window cleaner, tire gauge, snow scraper, emergency kit, small tool kit, bucket, sponges, air fresheners, cup holders, cd holders, gift certificates for car wash, memo pads.56. Snack Shack – Chocolate theme – Big candy bars, bag of Hershey Kisses or M&Ms, hot chocolate, chocolate coffee, chocolate covered pretzels, spoons, nuts, fruit, chocolate cookies, brownie mix.
57. Wild World of Sports – Sports Theme – Golf balls, tees, hockey pucks, balls, tennis balls, Gatorade, water bottles, sweat socks (adult or child), baseballs, nerf balls, energy bars, football tee, sweat bands (head or wrist), ball pump or needles.
58. Tailgating – BBQ Theme – BBQ tools, skewers, sauces, meat subs, marinades, spices, apron, grill brush, oven mitt, plastic dishes or tray.
59. How to Play the Game – Book Theme – New books (all ages, kid & adult), bookmarks, crossword puzzles, pencils, magazines, dictionary (pocket or regular), thesaurus, book light, journal, pens, book plates/stamp, gift certificate to book store.
60. Sports Therapy – Bath/Spa Theme – Bath gels, soaps, lotions, massage oil, mineral water, loofah sponge, nail care, candles, bath pillow, aromatherapy, eye covers, bath towel.
61. Non-Contact Sports Game Theme – Playing cards, travel games, Uno, small board games, such as Yahtzee, brain quest, books of card and travel game ideas, sudoku, crossword puzzles or word game books.
62. Golfer’s Delight – balls, towels, lesson gift certificate, and umbrella
63. NFL Bowl – Game Time- Sports bowl with game time beverages, and delicious snacks.
64. Weekend Getaway – Hotel or Bed/breakfast, his/her robes, wine glasses, chocolate
65. Maid Service Delivery – Home maid service come to your home for a day and clean your entire house. Could includes carpet cleaning and/or laundry service.
66. Gardening Basket – Basket containing items for kids or parents to plant vegetables in garden and care for them (i.e., seed packets, small shovel, gloves, apron, etc.)
67. Family Fun Membership Basket – Donated annual family memberships to kid friendly places like the zoo, museum of natural history, art museum, sea center, and maritime museum.
68. Restaurant Gift Certificate Basket – An auction basket full of gift certificates from local restaurants.
69. Luncheon with your Local Firemen – A meal with the firemen at the firehouse.
70. Student Car Wash – It would be fun for a class to offer to wash cars for a family.
71. Fun Day in the Sun – Tickets for enjoyable tourist activities to do around town.
72. Camping Basket – Goodies that can be used for an impromptu camping day, including hiking equipment, sleeping bag, flashlights, and small tent.
73. Road trip basket – Bookstore gift card (for reading in the car or book on tape)-small travel toys-travel bingo etc.magna doodle, coloring books, crayons, small travel desk for coloring on, electronic toys-window cling-ons, etcha-sketch, color wonder markers with paper pad.
74. Costume Basket – Have each parent in the class put in dress-up costumes – hats, gloves, shoes, scarves, play jewelry, bandanas, eye patches, old Halloween costumes, etc. Wrap it up incolored cellophane with a big bow!
77. Music Basket – A basket with a musical theme – concert tickets, instrument(s), CDs, MP3 player, etc.
79. College Basket – shower caddy, binders/folders, sheets, laundry basket, towels
80. Fourth of July Basket – sparklers, fireworks, USA ribbons & flags, red & blue plates and accessories, red & blue candle, etc.
81. Sewing Basket – scissors, thread, needles, thimble, seam ripper, safety pins, etc.
82. Sports Basket – decorate with a particular team
83. Teacher/Secretary – Basket: pens, stapler, tape dispenser, post-it notes, fun binder,clips, paper clips, etc.
84. Computer Basket – mouse pad, organizers, paper, CDs, keyboard cleaner, wipes, etc.
85. Fishing Basket – rod & reel, fishing lures, net, tackle box, etc.
86. Just for Dad – Ideas for this basket would be tickets to a sporting event or a round of golf, gift certificate to Home Depot or Gander Mountain or anything that would make Dad feel special.
87. Teen Girls -Gift cards from American Eagle, PacSun, Forever 21
88. At the Car Wash – Gift certificates from the Wash Tub, Auto Zone; Armour All, chamois cloth
89. Books and Coffee -Gift cards to Borders, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks
90. Bistro -Gift certificates to Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, Dillard’s
91. Movies – DVDs, gift cards to Regal cinema, AMC cinema
92. Off to College – Gift cards to Target, WalMart, Subway
93. Exercise for Health – items to promote physical fitness: sweat band, pedometer, stress ball, water bottle, jumprope, etc.
94. Weekend Getaway – Weekend Stay at a Mountain or Beach Home
Gift Basket filled with goodies for the weekend
95. Sports Package – Four Tickets for a Braves Game and a Parking Pass Dinner for Four at a Downtown Restaurant
96. Cowboy Basket – Jeans, Jacket, Cowboy Hat, Waist Belt, Holsters, Whip, Boots, Ammunition Belt, Dummy Ammunition, Guns, etc.
97. Tools – Hammer, Tool Belt, Screws, Drill, Gloves, Safety Goggles, Wrench, Face Mask, Socket Set, DIY Books, etc.
98. Kid Basket – Children’s Books, Cartoon Movies (DVDs), Book Markers, Toys, Kites, Scrap Books, Gift Card to Book Store, A list of Internet Sites for Kids, etc.
99. Adult Basket – Adult Book, Reading Lamp, Gift Certificate to a Book Store or to a Movie Rental, Tickets to a Movie, etc.
100. Sports Basket – Sports Tickets, Sports Binocular, Water Bottles, Baseball Bat, Ball, Hats, Tees, Golf Balls, Folding Chair, A Sports Movie, etc.
101. Stationary Basket – Stamps, Pencils, Eraser, Gum, Journal, Note Cards, Cards, Pens, Pocket Diary, Marker, Pocket Calendar, Visiting Card Holder, Thumb Tacks, etc.
102. Deck the Halls Christmas basket – Tinsel, garlands, candy cakes, fruitcake, Christmas-themed cookie cutters, Advent calendar, Hickory Farms style edibles, wrapping paper and ribbon.
103. Pirates of the Caribbean basket – Bag of Pirate Booty, chocolate gold coins, a model ship kit, and a DVD of the movie.
104. Baker’s Dozen – Baking mixes for cakes, brownies, pancakes, pie crust, pie fillings, rolling pin, glass pie pan.
105. Beach Blanket Bingo. – Colorful towels, plastic pail, shovels, beach ball, umbrella, cooler, frisbee, radio, sun block, and funky sunglasses.
106. Rainy Day Survival – Puzzles, board games, deck of cards, Mad Libs, popcorn, ingredients to make smores, classic books and movies.
107. Tea Party – A variety of teas, biscuits, petit fours or tiny cakes, tea set with cups and teapot.
108. Julie and Julia basket – High end cooking dishes, Julie Child cookbooks and DVDs of her show, the book and movie Julie and Julia, and a French cooking class for the winning bidder and friends.
109. Emergency Readiness Kit. First-aid kit, bottled water, transitor radio with batteries, flashlight, matches, lightweight blanket, dried or freeze-dried food.
110. Learn to Knit basket – Knitting needles, yarn, pattern books, knitting magazine subscription, completed scarf, knitting class for winning bidder and friends with local knitting guru.
111. Travel Gift Basket A travel alarm clock, miniature size toiletries, gift cards or traveler’s checks, hard candies, gum, luggage tags, a journal, maps, travel guides and handy clothing solutions (lint roller brush, formal clothes storage carrier covers) are smart choices. Package it all in a piece of luggage or travel tote
112. Kids Coloring Basket – Give kids something fun to do during “quiet time” or on a rainy day: coloring. Fill a kid’s backpack with coloring books, sketch pads, markers, crayons, drawing notebooks and colored pencils.
113. Art Basket – Content Ideas—crayons, paints, construction paper, play dough, colored pencils, sidewalk chalk, paint brushes, finger paints, finger paint paper, glitter, markers, scissors, stickers 114. A Silent Auction Basket for Exercise Lovers – BOSU Ball, Stability ball, Resistance bands,ï‚· Free weights/dumbells, Yoga or exercise mat, Exercise DVDs, Certificate for personal training sessions, Certificate to sporting good store, Trial membership to a local gym 115. Jewelry basket ideas – Bracelets, Charms, Earrings, Necklaces, Jewelry Cleaner, Travel cases, Jewelry box 116. Yoga Gift Basket – Yoga mat, Yoga DVD, Yoga books, Starter kit , Gift card to local yoga studio Relaxation CDs 117. Child Sports Fan Basket – Football, Baseball bat, glove, ball, Hockey sticks, Hackey sak, Basketball Fact books, Indoor sport items such as an over the door basketball goal.
118. Pizza Maker Silent Auction Basket – children’s pizza kit, cookbook, pans, pizza cutter and sauce. Round it out with a gift certificate from a local kitchen store or grocery store to complete this fun basket.
119. Weary Feet Gift Basket – use a rubber tub as a “basket”. Fill the tub with: epsom salts or bubble bath ~ towel ~ pumice stone ~ foot lotion or foot powder ~ comfortable slippers ~ nail clippers
120. HOME OFFICE GIFT BASKET – stapler, tacks, paper clips, pens, pencils, note pads, hole punch, desk lamp, desk calendar