Youth Earth Day Community Clean-up April 22nd, 2014


Special thanks to all of these amazing kids for helping to pick up trash in Whitewater – Earth Day 2014!

Everyone is welcome to join us!!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 @ 5:30
We LOVE our Earth & our Community. Join us on Earth Day for a fun scavenger hunt/garbage clean-up. Learn a little about what Earth Day is. Have fun with friends and/or fellow scout members. Help clean-up the community where you live.

Attention Whitewater KIDS
Please join me on Tuesday, April 22nd beginning at 5:30.
Come and learn a little about Earth Day + help take action and clean up our community.
My name is Morgan and I am a Cadette Girl Scout. I am planning an EARTH DAY Themed Community Clean-up Scavenger Hunt.
Please meet us at Starin Park at about 5:20 p.m.
Also, please bring a few Sentry/Wal-Mart plastic bags. It is important that we separate garbage and recycling and dispose of it properly. We will be breaking into smaller groups and walking around town for approximately 45 minutes, so parent participation is needed. Bring a wagon if you can. It helps a LOT!

I am inviting kids from Whitewater, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, our church youth group, plus anyone and everyone who would like to join us, so tell your friends. :)
If you’re a Scout: Wear your scout uniform. We’ll try to take a big group picture at the start. Would be fun to submit the picture to the newspaper.
Earth Day: It’s a great time to learn about our planet and how to take care of it. One hour of time will make a huge difference in our community.
Let’s hope for a nice day!!! We will meet rain or shine. Bring an umbrella :)

Thanks for your consideration.

Parents: On Tuesday, April 22nd, please feel free to walk around town with your small group for as long as you’d like. The duration of the scavenger hunt will be determined by the age of the children and their interest. Every little bit helps, but there is no set time that each group needs to walk around. You can leave when finished. Unfortunately, there is no recycling container at Starin Park. Please plan to sort out your garbage and recycling and dispose of it properly. FYI: there is a recycling container at LINCS and probably at Washington School, too.